Leader of the media measurement market in Russia
We are more solid than separate databases and services

Having access to all key media databases, we offer clients the widest possible coverage of the
traditional and social media, including non-Russian ones. Control and processing of query
results and media analysis calculations are always done by trained experts. Our in-house
translation division is brought in when dealing with foreign media, so we are capable of
implementing projects of any complexity and scale.


We are cleare
and faster

Present-day data visualization. We deliver media digests and analytical reports in any formats
and via any channels, from the interactive PowerBi tool to Flipboard and Telegram on mobile
devices, and everything in between. We make monitoring reports of any formats based on the
needs of the customer.

We know
how to listen

We develop transparent and flexible methods of assessing communications for each client. We
render monitoring and analytical services in line with the customer’s project specifications and
with due account of industry specifics and other peculiarities, while delivering our products in
formats that are convenient for the customer. There are no restrictions on the set of indices or
indicators taken into account, with all the calculations being fully transparent.

Hybrid media analysis

Automated tools
Expert analytics

Industry contribution

Evgeniy Larionov

Ex Libris founder

  • Head of AMEC College & Education Working Group

  • Head of AKOS PR KPI Working Group

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