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Barcelona Principles

On September 3, 2015 in London, members with AMEC (The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communications) unveiled a revised version of the Barcelona Principles. The Russian version of the document was presented by MRA Ex Libris, whose founder Evgeniy Larionov is a BoD member with AMEC and a co-chair of its Business & Professional Development Committee.


The Barcelona Principles are a set of media analysis rules, the framework based on the market leaders’ expertise. The new version was developed by AMEC in association with its partners that contributed to the Principles creation in 2010 in Barcelona: ICCO, which is represented in Russia by the Association of Consultancies in the Field of Public Relations (AKOS), IPR, PRCA, PRSA, and The Global Alliance. Barcelona Principles 2.0 focus on more detailed interpretation of basic formulas and recommendations for their practice application.


Evgeniy Larionov, Ex Libris founder, says, “The key provisions of the seven principles have the same meaning in their new version; however, the focus in the description of the framework and methods of analysis used have shifted towards qualitative methods, social media studies and engagement indices, while paying greater attention to the need of marketing and communication study integration.”

AMEC ex-president David Rockland comments, “The original set of tools largely focused on what should not be done, while the updated Barcelona Principles offer a certain guidance to follow.”

The Barcelona Principles renewal is recorded in the text of the “Short Guide for Media Analysis and PR Efficiency Measurement”, an industrial reference book published by Ex Libris and the Association of Consultancies in the Field of Public Relations (AKOS). The guide covers a wide range of metrics, analytical approaches, and recommendations for media analysis.

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