Leader of the media measurement market in Russia

Key message dissemination support

Recommendations on the channels and methods best be used to spread key messages, newsbreaks in the social media and blogosphere.

One of the primary goals after creating a social media community and uploading unique content in it is to properly further a page or a group and increase the number of subscribers by applying different methods, ranging from organic to accelerated growth. For best results, we implement a development strategy and set KPIs, having analyzed the activity of rivals’ social media communities, market trends, and the promoted brand’s current positioning in the social networks. This translates into detailed guidelines on how to promote a corporate social media group for a specified period of time. We also hold campaigns to analyze social media basing our research on media digests and analytical reports. We can forecast reputational risks, fend off targeted negativity coming from users and competitors, work with brand advocates, opinion leaders, and experts.