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Прогнозы для журналистики в 2017

Nieman Lab собирает прогнозы журналистов на будущий год. Несколько самых интересных прогнозов специально для наших подписчиков. (англ)

Полные тексты пронозов от 140 журналистов и редакторов различных медиа на сайте Nieman Lab.

JULIETTE DE MAEYER AND DOMINIQUE TRUDEL | A rebirth of populist journalism | “If there’s one thing that 2017 could hope to emulate, it’s the muckrakers’ ability to produce journalism that is genuinely concerned with the interest of the people, fiercely adversarial but never personalized.” Juliette De Maeyer is an assistant professor at the Université de Montréal. Dominique Trudel is a researcher at CNRS in France.REBEKAH MONSON | Journalism is community-as-a-service | “Sure, Facebook’s standardized display and positioning of content doesn’t help users make informed choices, but journalism can’t shirk responsibility for cheapening the product offering.” Rebekah Monson is co­founder and vice president of product of WhereBy.Us.
MARY WALTER-BROWN | Getting comfortable asking for money | “News organizations spend so much time telling everyone else’s stories that we forget to tell their own.” Mary Walter-Brown is publisher and chief operating officer of Voice of San Diego.JUAN LUIS SÁNCHEZ | Your predictions are our present | “The time when everything in journalism and media happened in the States and was then exported to the rest of the world is over.” Juan Luis Sánchez is deputy editor-in-chief at eldiario.es.
OLE REISSMAN | Un-faking the news | “We need to vaccinate the public with real journalism: explaining in detail how we come to a conclusion, how facts are gathered, what should be considered a fact and why — how journalism works.” Ole Reißmann is founder and managing editor of bento, a publication of Der Spiegel.ARIANE BERNARD | Better data about your users | “The path to personalization, especially personalization steeped in journalistic ethos, requires access to holistic data about users that extends beyond the borders of the news organization’s platform.” Ariane Bernard is the editorial products lead at Taboola.
ANDREA SILENZI | Podcasts dive into breaking news analysis | “Many new listeners will arrive seeking refuge from Facebook’s fake news buffet and Twitter’s ideologue clutter, while expecting the speed of news they’ve became accustomed to from over-the-air radio and television.” Andrea Silenzi is host of Why Oh Why.SAMANTHA BARRY | Messaging apps go mainstream | “Journalists, newsrooms and editors will tell stories using the language of messaging apps — stickers, emojis, gifs, vertical video.” Samantha Barry is senior director of social news at CNN.
SYDETTE HARRY | Facing journalism’s history | “Journalism must shift from claiming to have all the answers to being the ones with the skills to survey the different perspectives, match them to the facts, and connect the two with the worlds that people actually live in.” Sydette Harry is community lead on The Coral Project.KATHLEEN KINGSBURY | Print as a premium offering | “While print may be less and less theproduct, it’s certainly a product — and an exciting one.” Kathleen Kingsbury is the managing editor for digital at The Boston Globe.
AMY WEBB | Journalism as a service | “The central challenge within news organizations is that there are immediate, acute problems — but reasonable solutions will require long-term investment in energy and capital.” Amy Webb is founder of the Future Today Institute and author of The Signals Are Talking: Why Today’s Future Is Tomorrow’s Mainstream.LAURA WALKER | Authentic voices, not fake news | “I predict that in 2017, more news outlets will listen more deeply to the people of this country with genuine curiosity and without preconception.” Laura Walker is the President and CEO of New York Public Radio.
DAVID SKOK | What lies beyond paywalls | “We can combine machine learning, predictive, and anticipatory analytics to optimize the value exchanged from this reader, on this device, coming from this platform, on this article, at this exact moment in time.” David Skok is associate editor and head of digital editorial strategy at The Toronto Star.FRANCESCO MARCONI | The year of augmented writing | “The combination of AI and journalism will contribute to a more informed and efficient society by enabling journalists to conduct deep analysis, uncover corruption, and hold people and institutions accountable.” Francesco Marconi is manager of strategy and development at the Associated Press.
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